5 Must-Have Apps for Nursing Entrepreneurs

Keeping all your productivity tools on your desktop isn’t the best option for nurses who are continually on the  move—but the ever-expanding market for mobile apps makes it easy to run your nursing business from your phone or tablet. Here are a few essential apps to keep you informed, productive, and profitable.

Nursing Central by Unbound Medicine Inc.

Nursing Central is a comprehensive one-stop shop for access to up-to-date medical journals, drug information, and medical terms and definitions. The app includes Davis’ Drug Guide, Taber’s Medical Encyclopedia, Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, and the complete catalog of MEDLINE journals for your reference. It features access to hundreds of instructional images and video, in a simple format that is easy to search and bookmark. It does require access to a Nursing Central subscription, which can be a little pricey—but if you’re looking for a full-service nursing catalog, this is the app to beat.

FantasticalIconFantastical for iPhone

If you’re serious about becoming a nursing entrepreneur, your ability to manage your time and resources will be almost as important as your competency as a nurse. Fantastical is a calendar app that allows you to access your schedule with a single tap or gesture, add or edit calendar entries, and then get back to what you were doing right away. The interface hits a sweet spot of being complete enough to meet your needs, without having a lot of frills that get in the way.

skyscape medicalSkyscape Medical Resources

If you’re not ready to shell out $170 for the Nursing Central app, Skyscape Medical Resources is a great compromise option. The free app includes a drug information tool, a powerful medical calculator with over 200 tools, and access to thousands of journal summaries and up-to-date medical news.
The premium version includes Taber’s, Davis’ Drug Guide, Netter’s Atlas, and a host of other medical encyclopedias and journals; and the best part is, you only pay for the options you want.

Quickbooks Merchant Services

Quickbooks can be a huge time and money-saver for nurse entrepreneurs in need of a simple method to accept and track payments. With a Quickbooks subscription, you can accept payments online or with a free smartphone credit card reader, and the funds will be logged and transferred to your bank within two days. It also allows you to compile billing information on-the-go, so you can have accurate reports for clients and customers at any time.

Symptomia Symptom Checker

Symptomia has an attractive, simple interface that allows you to plug in a patient’s symptoms and receive several possible diagnoses. It’s a great diagnostic tool and memory-refresher for nurses who deal with challenging symptoms, especially those who work with the elderly. Symptomia’s two-tap system allows you to access a comprehensive list of possible diagnoses in seconds, so you can brainstorm creative solutions for patients.


Tara Wagner is a staff writer for TechBreach. She has worked from home for over a decade, and loves sharing news and advice with fellow telecommuting moms and dads. She’s fascinated by new tech and new ideas; and when she finds time to unplug, she enjoys long hikes in the mountains near her home. She lives in Denver.

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