5 Must Have Apps For Any Linux Installation

Linux is a great operating system for any computer, whether it’s intended to be used as a home or personal PC or a business machine in an office environment. Linux has been used as a production OS for a very long time, and today, it’s actually one of the most stable and reliable operating systems. If you plan to install it on your computer or are already running it, there are a few apps that you really must have in order to get the best experience possible. Here they are:

Wine. Wine is, in my opinion, the number one package one should install on a Linux machine if they’re coming from Windows. It allows you to install and run a lot of Windows applications without problems, so if you were afraid that you’d miss Microsoft Office, Photoshop or even some games, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to run them on Linux, too.

Adobe Reader. The PDF format is so widespread that it’s almost impossible to live without Adobe Reader. Sure, Chrome has built in support for it, but if you’re using Firefox or you want more features in your reader, the official app from Adobe is the only way to go. The Linux version works quite well without any major issues, and it can do everything the Windows or Mac versions can.

Skype. Skype is the number one IM, chat and VoIP software, and of course they have a client for Linux, too. The app works really well without problems, and you can chat with your contacts, place calls to any numbers, buy credit, make HD video calls and more from a nice and easy to use interface.

SMPlayer. If you want to watch movies or open any kinds of video files on your Linux computer, you’ll need to install a good player. VLC Player is great and all, but I think SMPlayer trumps it in functionality and looks. The interface is nice and clean, and the player can open pretty much any video format out there.

Firefox. Firefox is one of the most popular Web browsers in the world right now and it certainly is the most functional. The Linux version is just as good as the Windows one, and of course, you get access to the amazing collection of add-ons and themes that the browser has on the Mozilla site, which will let you customize Firefox to your liking and turn it into the best browser ever.

Amarok. If you want to listen to music, there are plenty of players out there for Linux, but none are as good as Amarok – this app is basically the iTunes of Linux players (it also has the same overall design). You can create playlists, edit ID tags, find information about the artists and albums, manage your collection easily and of course, open most of the audio formats out there. It’s definitely a must have for any computer running Linux.

Whether you install a Linux distribution on a personal or a business computer, I highly recommend you also download and install the apps listed above – they’re definitely going to improve your experience no matter what you use your computer for.

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