Wait, what’s a podcast?

Podcasts are a great way to consume media from just about any device, and you can listen on the go. Great content should be accessible in all forms, and a podcast is filled with all of those savory nuggets of information that can be consumed no matter where you are. Podcasts can either be streamed or downloaded to any device with the right applications.

Great, so how can I listen to your podcast?

You can of course stream all of The Innovative Nurse shows right here by scrolling down to the bottom of this page using the players below, or you can subscribe and download any of the shows right on your tablet or other mobile devices. Grab the RSS Feed link to subscribe or paste the link into your mobile podcasting app.

Which podcasting apps do you recommend?

There are so many great apps to choose from, but we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing down the list a bit, and some of these we’re currently using on our own devices.
Apple’s iOS platform:  All of our Apple fans around the office have certainly appreciated the time and effort that Apple has invested in developing a native podcasting app in iOS. Just enter the rss feed address: http://innovativenurseshow.com/rss when searching for our show. Or, just search by name for Ask Innovative Nurse in iTunes under podcasts.
There’s also third-party apps like OvercastIntacast, and Downcast just to name a few.
Google’s Android platform:  We have a few diehard Android users among the team, so we’re currently using apps like Pocket CastsPodcast Republic, and Podcast Addict. There are of course so many more to choose from in the Google Play store, but we wanted to share with the audience our personal favs.
Enjoy all of the archived audio broadcasts here, and stay updated by subscribing to the feed.

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