Top 10 Mobile Medical Apps Making Health Technology Mainstream

A medical mobile revolution is taking place.  The relationship and the communication between a healthcare provider and a patient is changing and it is changing quickly. Why?  It’s the availability of mobile medical apps. Mobile medical apps are a fast and effective way for healthcare providers and patients to exchange information. Apps can help patients keep abreast of their own health and wellbeing and allow providers to communicate visually with their patients. Below you’ll find a glimpse of a few apps that are available.

1. Visible Body

VisibleThis app is available for iPhones, iPads, and Google Androids.  It’s a tool for medical students, doctors, and patients to view in 3-D an up-close look at the human body and its systems.  It is $29.99 for the iPad and Android and $9.99 for the iPhone.

2. VaxNation

Just as the name implies, it deals with vaccinations. It is a method of tracking vaccinations online.  Information entered online such as date of birth, dates and types of vaccines already given is recorded.  Recommendations are then provided.

3. Isabel App

This is a doctor’s app.  It helps doctors prevent medical misdiagnosis by conducting a database search when the doctor enters symptoms; it’s a checklist system. The cost of the app is a subscription fee charged at $2.99/weekly, $10.99/monthly, or $119.99/annually.

4. EZ Derm HER

Designed for the dermatologist.  It’s an electronic health record system with a number of capabilities.  The physician is able to dictate and note other clinical information via speech recognition, touch the anatomically correct 3-D body for note taking, and receive support with diagnosis information, workup algorithms, and treatments.  It also lets the doctor have videoconferencing with colleagues, staff, and patients.   The app is for iPads; it is $750/mo for the service.

5. Mayo Patient Clinic App

Mayo ClinicThis is a free app (iPhone, iPad) for the Mayo clinic patient.  This app is a navigational tool for the Mayo campuses and processes.  It also allows the patient secure access to their medical records, upcoming appointments, and lab records, as well as a number of other resources the patient may be interested in.

6. MedSpeak

It’s a translation app for the doctor to communicate with those speaking Mandarin or Cantonese.  The translation has English text and has both written and audio translations in Mandarin or Cantonese.  The fee for this app is $9.99 (iPhone).

7. Asthma Sense

Astma SenseAn app for asthma patients; it’s a monitoring tool letting the patient track their breathing treatments and medications with a journal. It’s $3.99.

8. Swift Pay MD

A doctor’s app; the doctor making hospital rounds records his/her notes and patient diagnoses with the billing codes via speech technology.  Once the information is submitted it goes directly to the doctor’s office.  $99.00/month.

9. Castlight

Castlight appThis app is for the consumer/patient.  The app provides the insured access to information regarding his healthcare plan, i.e. which physician is in their network along with the address and phone number, detailed of out-of-pocket costs, and the specialty and board certifications of the physician.  The app works on Apple, Google Android, and Blackberry.

10. DrawMD

This is an iPad app that allows doctors to draw out pictures for patients. They can explain complicated concepts through visuals, and also have the patient point out parts on the body where they are hurting. The best thing about this app? It’s free.

These are just a handful of apps available that show how technology is transforming the world of doctor-patient relationships.

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Sandra Mills is a freelancer who writes about health technology and education

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