Amazon Prime Fire Sale!..Or, Something Like That

Amazon Prime Fire Sale!..Or, Something Like That

Well, this has nothing to do with nursing, but with our “Live Well” section here we figured you might appreciate a good deal. For all of those Amazon shoppers here in the community we just wanted to let you in on a “not so secret” event happening for Prime Members.

Now I don’t necessarily want you to feel as if you have to go out and spend money just because Amazon is going to have good deals, but hey, if you need a few things in the mid year then why not? I have personally used Amazon prime since circa 2005 both personally and professionally with great service. Many of our manufacturers and distributors have moved over there due to Amazon’s ability to get products in hand at a pretty good clip, and I’m sure you’ve appreciated this too as an end user.

Well, I know we shouldn’t be talking about Black Friday in July, but Amazon is claiming that they’re going to have deals coming out of their ears that put Black Friday to shame, or something like that. So, if you’re curious about when this is all going down you should mark your calendars for July 15, 2015. It’s on our Google Calendars and we encourage you to do the same.

I can personally say that as a business owner our teams like to take stock in what we have, what we need, and obviously what might need upgraded both in the middle and at the end of the fiscal year. I’m telling you I think we’ve purchased about 80-90% of what our businesses use from Amazon. Often times our teams just don’t have time to shop around for items and go pick them up. We’ve got our hustle on and Amazon has helped save us so much time. Now don’t get me wrong as we do invest quite a bit back into our local businesses and some of them are willing to accommodate our needs, but for those of you who are Amazon Prime Members, this apparently is going to be off the hook. Or, so they say.


If you’re not an Amazon Prime Member just yet you can certainly head over there for an opportunity to give it a try. (non-affiliate).

Just for entertainment purposes I looked back at my Amazon shopping history and one of the first Prime purchases was a cookware set shipped to my mom in 2005. Subsequently it seems that after that purchase we seemed to have quite a few shipments of baby items…like non-stop for a few years there.

Anyway, we hope that this little nugget finds you well and we also hope that you find a few good deals to help your personal lives (and your business) humming right along.


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